Here’s What It Takes To Be a Model

Modeling as a career may sound to be all about popularity, good looks, great body and glamour. However, the road to become one is not easy. Like any other kinds of career, modeling isn’t something that you accidentally bump into and you eventually become one. You have to work for it, maintain your beauty and body according to the standards of a model as how the society defines it.

Even successful models can attest that modeling is indeed a tough job. There’s an extreme pressure placed unto you as to how you should look, how you would communicate with other people and as to how you carry yourself – in short, one’s life in modeling is like an open arena wherein anyone can praise or mock you.

Qualities to Become a Model

Modeling agencies usually require models to be photogenic and should have basic to advanced know-how when it comes to make-up, hairstyling and clothing. A flawless skin, attractive facial structure and features as well as a healthy hair will most likely attract model agents. Because there is no basic requirement for a person to start their modeling career, anyone who has the basic requirements stated above can already build him/herself a modeling career even as young as 16 years old (but should hold a work permit as per required by their government policies in child labor). It’s safe to say though that being attractive will give you the edge on your modeling career.

Specific requirements for models may vary depending on the client’s preferences that include certain height and weight ranges as well as dress size since they will be wearing the apparels created by fashion designers. Society plays a big role when it comes to model requirements, because it is the society that places a mark on a model’s beauty. Though the model requirements vary, most of the time fashion designers would prefer to have models that are tall and thin.

Being attractive and being photogenic are two different things. Hence, it is a requirement for an aspiring model to be both attractive and photogenic as well. To be photogenic means that the camera loves you and that you have that certain kind of connection with the camera. Model agents usually go through snapshots of aspiring models to find a suitable candidate. In addition, models must have the confidence and grace both in photo shoots and runway walks. Trainings in voice, dance and acting will also give models the edge to work on televisions while knowledge on foreign language will give model aspirants the opportunity to travel on different countries.

In addition to physical attributes, models must have the right personality. This is essential for models to have because they will be interacting with different kinds of people. They should be professional, prompt and polite to have good impressions amongst people within the industry and bring greater future for more bookings. Models must have the skills to balance their personal, financial and work aspects. A friend of mine spent almost her entire young career working for MaidMarines before giving modelling a try. Her perseverance and dedication were enough to land her a spot with Under Armour!

The Perks of Being a Model

Becoming a model gives you the opportunity to travel to different places in the world. However, the chance to travel abroad doesn’t happen for every single model, but if you are really that good you’ll have big chances of getting an invitation to go to other countries and work for a modeling agency there.

In addition to traveling, another advantage of becoming a model is the chance to know different languages. If you have been invited to work for an agency in another country, you can take the opportunity to learn new languages and add it up to your portfolio. Moreover, it will also help you gain new acquaintances on the process.

There’s also a big chance for models to develop their communication skills when doing their duties as a model. Because they are one of those that work on the fast lane, models get to work with different kinds of people and of different professions. Working on a no permanent milieu will require a model to be versatile in approaching and communicating to professionals in the industry.

Once you are inside the realm of modeling industry, it is not uncommon for you not to interact and get to know someone who is really influential, famous, rich or the combination of the three. Social events and gatherings are now part of your schedule and it is during these events that the rich, the famous and powerful will gather.

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Why Modeling is a Tough Job

Like any other types of jobs, modeling is as well a competitive profession. By that it means that being beautiful, tall and skinny won’t really get you booked that easily because there are other models that are equally or much better than you. Moreover, model agencies sometimes open castings for few slots and in which most of them will choose the very best ones. If you’re not their typical model, then you’ll have to go-see again and again. This makes it a little bit frustrating on your part.

On the entire span of your modeling career, there will be times that you will be required to go abroad and work for an agency there. This would mean that you have to live on your own, away from your family and friends.

A model’s career is mostly based on his/her physical attributes. Therefore, as a model you must control your diet, do your exercises on a regular basis and get enough sleep to be healthy and fit. Aside from that, you will also need to have your hair well-maintained as well your nails and toenails. This aspect in modeling makes it tough because you have to conform to the society’s preferences of “beauty”, which will put pressure and expensive on your part.

At times, models would feel as though they are mere dolls and that they have to do what they are told to do despite one’s principles. Wearing clothes that you are not comfortable at but you’ll have to do it anyway and make it look good on you even if it already kills you inside.

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